Finally: jewelry made to honour - and withstand - motherhood

We make strong, meaningful jewelry that doesn't break.

Our "mama metal" necklaces are designed to be worn by adults, but also keep small hands busy while being worn, fed, or just held close.

Babies and toddlers love to explore these beautiful and musical pieces. Constructed to ensure durability, our necklaces are tug-resistant for little ones to fidget with. They make wonderful and meaningful gifts for the new or veteran mom, or caregiver, in your life.

No longer do your beautiful necklaces need to get hidden away in fear of being broken by curious hands!

It's time to celebrate your story with heirloom-quality, solid sterling silver pieces that are made as strong as you are.

We make strong + meaningful jewelry that doesn't break.

How we're different

Every necklace is lovingly designed and handmade in Canada, incorporating recycled silver for sustainability.

Each design honours a part of your motherhood journey.

We know what it's like to have to put away your beautiful jewelry when you have a curious little one.

So, our necklaces are specially constructed to ensure durability.

They are perfect to keep small hands busy while being fed or worn - so no more pinched skin or pulled hair, mama!

Necklaces are mama-made with love + care.