Our Necklaces


The process to make our mama metal necklaces takes hours, usually spread over a few days (because, #momlife).

Each necklace starts as a spool of silver wire. We use argentium silver, which is a type of recycled sterling silver. Links are formed with meaning and then cut, fused with a torch, then hammered, cleaned and polished.

Next, necklaces are assembled with strong yet lightweight chain, and all jump rings are soldered shut to ensure durability.

The final step is another cleaning, and then a final polish.

You can feel the love that goes into our necklaces; they are made in small batches, with care to ensure they are heirloom-quality and will last for years to come.

Safety Information

Never leave a baby or child alone with the necklace; they are not meant to be chewed on or mouthed at all.

Check your necklace before wearing each time for sharp edges, open jump rings, or loose pieces; stop wearing a necklace showing any of those signs and contact us for repair information.