Our Story

Hi, I'm Andrea! I'm the owner and designer here at Wildling Collective, a business that is committed to celebrating and honouring all the facets of motherhood.

I'm a Canadian mom of two, a former teacher, and hardcore introvert. I love coffee (iced, please), dogs, and spending time in nature with my family.

The seed for Wildling Collective was planted back in 2015 as I searched for a necklace to represent my family. I was unable to find items that were elegant and modern while being meaningful and intentional - and also that could survive being worn around my 7-month-old. And, so began my journey of designing and making jewelry to honour our beautiful and raw stories, though it took seven years for 2022's Wildling Collective to be fully realized.

I draw on my own experience as a mother to create designs that reflect experiences including babywearing, connected parenting, grief, grace, support, and growth. There is power in authenticity and carving out your own path for your family, since intuition is a powerful guide.

Creating beautiful, high-quality jewelry inspired by motherhood is my ultimate dream come true. I believe our jewelry should tell a story, and that our purchases can create positive impact and create ripples of change.

Learn more about how each necklace is made with sustainability in mind.

I am so glad you are here. Thank you for joining in this celebration of motherhood in all its sacred, messy, and life-affirming glory.